Meditating in Modernity | Calming Breath Work Practice

Meditating in Modernity | Calming Breath Work Practice

Our nervous systems are delicate, intricate webs of energy, much like the mycorrhizal network. A system out of balance can wreak havoc on our emotions, our health and our skin. Maintaining a strong center of gravity from which one can flourish and expand is more crucial than ever. We’re here to use the benefits of functional mushrooms to help you maintain a healthy nervous system. Oftentimes, the business of modern life can feel like it’s working against us in this respect. Today, consciously make space to come back to yourself. 

We know this is easier said than done. Life happens.

Elder Flower has gathered our favorite, essential techniques for carving out little islands of time and serenity in this fast-paced world. In just a few moments, through simple and quick intentional action, you can bring yourself back to center, and take on the day (or night) from a grounded sense of peaceful calm.


Mornings are sacred—they mark a reawakening and a transitionary period where we prepare ourselves to connect and engage with the world. And we believe that the most fruitful exchanges with the world are preceded by an exchange with oneself. 

A powerful way to ground yourself in the morning is to refrain from reaching for your phone first thing, for even just 5 minutes. 

Wake up, stretch, tune in to your senses—what do you hear, see, feel? Immerse yourself in the tactile experience of your skincare practice to awaken your body, bit by bit. 

You might be surprised by how much you notice—little details, moments of joy. And with a deeper, brighter awareness, you’ll be empowered to begin the rest of your day. 


When the day is in full swing, it can be hard to skate away and find a space to fully recalibrate. Breathing techniques are a fantastic mindfulness practice that can bring you back to yourself, wherever you are. 

Box breathing is a simple, symmetrical cycle of inhaling and exhaling. 

Begin by breathing in for four steady counts at your own pace. At the top of your breath, hold for another four, steady counts. Follow with a controlled release, exhaling for four, and at the bottom of your breath, hold that exhale for another final four counts. 

Repeat the pattern as you please to recenter, reground, reawaken. 


Just as there is power in beginning the day immersed in your own presence, so too is there grounding power in closing the day mindfully. 

The moments where we are unwinding and taking care of our bodies in preparation for sleep are valuable and essential for recalibration. Take some moments while engaging in your skincare practice. While gently applying a mask or massaging serum into your visage, breathe deeply. Notice the scents and sounds that drift into view which a moment ago were unnoticed. Take the time to invite gratitude into your space, give thanks for one thing that happened today.

Reflect, release, and slip into a night of rejuvenation.  

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