Nature is our common elder. We harness the enduring power of plants as medicine, bringing ancient modalities to modern applications.

The cultivation of natural beauty and vitality is an ongoing practice – a perennial flourishing that is best nourished by nature herself.

From fungi we flourish

Mushrooms are ancient healers. Rich in protein, antioxidants and fiber, these blooming bodies are the oldest organisms on our earth. Mushrooms have been found to reduce inflammation and mitigate the risk of health conditions such as Alzheimer's, heart disease and certain types of cancer, safeguarding our bodies and minds. At Elder Flower we unearth the many benefits of mushrooms and other ancient plants to formulate products that help you heal, grow and glow.


Elder Flower is a family of products and practices devoted to the excavation of and preservation of your natural beauty and vitality. We believe that the truest luxury is the beautiful power of nature. We bring you back to what once was and what always has been. We bring you back to yourself.

The best in nature enhances the best in you

We go back to the source, using earthly elements to formulate our products. Our ingredients are all-natural, organic, and always non-endocrine-disruptive. Nature knows best. She is our Elder. She lets us Flower.