Sustainable skincare

For us, Sustainability begins with responsibility and transparency.

Our intention is to bring you meaningful products and practices that are truly natural, highly effective and safe for you and the planet. We believe the power of nature can help you heal, grow and glow. We use the best in nature to enhance the best in you.

Snow mushroom

Our tiny team is nimble and thoughtful, carefully ensuring that we show up with intention and integrity. We get involved in our community and bolster those who are making a positive impact on our world. Yes, we are here to sell great products. But we are here for so much more than that. We are here to evolve with you. We’ve invested in developing products and practices that are good for humans without being harmful to the planet. We aim to tread lightly.

human eye

But being sustainable is not easy. Many “sustainable” packaging options are prohibitively costly and some are still harmful to the environment. Industry ecosystems are not set up to do the most good for the most people. So, we do what we can with what we have. 

As a small brand, we consider sustainability a long term investment. To us, it’s like a garden. In the beginning, we find our place and plant our seeds. We water and prune, letting the sun and earth do the rest. We go slow. As we grow, our sustainability efforts will as well.

Tremella Snow Mushroom Extract

We are committed to being as sustainable as possible and always being transparent about our efforts. This is why we take steps to ensure our products are responsibly produced and we are always transparent about our ingredients, our process and our intentions. 

We painstakingly select each ingredient to ensure our products improve your life, bolster your body’s wellbeing and never harm you or the environment. We formulate all our products using strict guidelines, banning more than the industry average so that our products can be used by even the most sensitive humans without fear of irritation or discomfort. We source our packaging from responsible materials and reliable sources. Our boxes are recyclable, as are our glass vessels. Our caps, for now, need to be disposed of in the trash. While we are not 100% zero waste, we are proud to say we are striving for a lower-impact product.

Orange Blossom

We will always strive to not only source our ingredients and packaging sustainably but also follow thoughtful, earth-and-human-focused business practices. For this reason, among many others, mushrooms are our eternal lovers. 

Mushrooms are one of the lowest-impact growing creations on our planet. They are selfless creatures; giving so much, and requiring so little. They need less water, food and space than other vegetables and can flourish in even the toughest of conditions. They emit far less carbon dioxide than other foods and yet they contain a multitude of nutrients and vitamins essential to our health and wellbeing. They tread lightly, leaving the world a better place. We worship mushrooms. 

We plan to grow with you, always tending to our community's needs. As we scale, we will continue to focus on a more perfectly sustainable future. It is a practice. We hope you will join us. 

We are committed to investing back into the community beyond our own efforts, and are proud to invest 1% of our profits to local and national organizations.

1% For the Planet