From fungi
we flourish

Nature is our Elder. She helps us Flower. At Elder Flower we unearth the many benefits of mushrooms and other ancient plants to formulate products that help you heal, grow and glow.

two jars of unearth overnight facial treatment

“UNEARTH is a game changer. My skin was super soft and totally glowy after just one use. It is now party of my weekly routine. LOVE it so much!”

Carey, 40

“My skin felt super hydrated. And it smells lovely. Highly recommend!”

Joelle, 36

“I used UNEARTH for a week to help treat my Melasma. It was easy to use and doesn't make a mess like other masks. I also feel confident using it while breastfeeding because it has Nephoria, a natural retinol alternative. I love how my skin looks/feels.”

Kara, 34
Elder Flower mushroom skincare routine

The best in nature enhances the best in you

We go back to the source, using earthly elements to formulate our products. Our ingredients are all-natural, organic, and always non-endocrine-disruptive. Our products and practices are good for humans without being harmful to the planet.

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At Elder Flower, being a Sustainable brand begins with responsibility and transparency. We’ve invested in developing products and practices that are good for humans without being harmful to the planet. We aim to tread lightly. We want to leave the world a better place.