Sex During Pregnancy: When To Have It, How Often and Why It’s Good for You

Sex During Pregnancy: When To Have It, How Often and Why It’s Good for You

Each of us has our own, unique, uncharted journey of pregnancy. So much changes, both physically and emotionally (hormones can be brutal). Our bodies undergo significant shifts and we have to adapt to a new way of operating in the world to ensure our baby is safe. We undoubtedly question wha’s safe and healthy for ourselves and our growing babies. 

One topic that often comes up but is rarely discussed is sex during pregnancy. We love sex. While some may feel sheepish to talk about it, and may blush even reading this post, we know sex is a vital part of our own happiness and for many an opportunity for us to deeply connect with our partner or ourselves - something that is so important during this important time. It’s also important to recognize that sexual desire and activity can ebb and flow throughout pregnancy. This is completely normal. 

The good news is that, in most cases, sex during pregnancy is not only safe but can also provide benefits for both the mother and the baby. So let's talk about sex! Here we’ll explore when to have sex during pregnancy, how often to have it, and why it's good for you.

When to Have Sex During Pregnancy

Many women worry about if, or when, they should stop having sex during pregnancy. But those old wives tales about the baby being poked (you know what we’re talking about) aren’t true. The truth is that most women can safely continue to have sex until they go into labor. In fact, sex throughout pregnancy has many benefits, which we will dive deeper into.

However, there are some instances where it may be necessary to abstain from sex. For example, if you have a history of premature labor or have been advised by your doctor to avoid sex or orgasm, it is important to follow their recommendations.

Additionally, if you experience any bleeding or cramping during pregnancy, it is important to speak with your doctor provider before having sex. In some cases, sex can cause bleeding or contractions, and your doctor may advise you to abstain until the issue is resolved.

How Often to Have Sex During Pregnancy

The frequency of sex during pregnancy can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including your own sex drive, physical comfort during activity, and any medical conditions as we previously mentioned. Libido also plays a big role (those hormones!). Some women experience an increased sex drive during pregnancy, while others may have a decreased desire for sex.

For women who are experiencing a healthy pregnancy and have no medical concerns, there is no set rule for how often to have sex. Some couples may find that they are more comfortable having sex less frequently, while others may find that they still enjoy sex as often as they did before pregnancy - or even more. W

Why Sex is Good for You During Pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy can have a number of benefits for both the mother and the baby. For starters, sex can lift your spirits! It can help relieve stress and anxiety, and help you feel good in your own body which is especially important during pregnancy when hormonal changes can make you feel more physically & emotionally unbalanced.

From a physiological perspective, sex can help to increase blood flow and oxygen to the uterus, which can promote a healthy pregnancy. Increased blood flow can also help to prevent conditions such as preeclampsia, a potentially dangerous condition that can occur during pregnancy.

Finally, sex during pregnancy can help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which can be helpful during labor and delivery. These muscles are responsible for supporting the uterus, bladder, and bowel, and can become weakened during pregnancy and childbirth. Some experts even encourage women in late-stage pregnancy to have sex as a way to jump-start labor.

Sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe for most women and can have a number of benefits for both the mother and the baby. While there is no set rule for how often to have sex during pregnancy, it is important to listen to your body and speak with your doctor if you have any concerns. So go ahead and enjoy this special time in your life, and don’t be afraid to indulge in a little intimacy with your partner.

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