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From Fungi We Flourish: The Benefits of Mushrooms

From Fungi We Flourish

Mushrooms have long been heralded for their umami properties and lauded as flavor packed in dishes from simple sautées to the most gourmet gastronomy.  But underneath those boisterous caps lies a universe of benefits. These fruiting bodies are beautiful creatures with a variety of uses in food, medicine and even skincare. Mushrooms are magical and mysterious, with as many benefits as there are species growing beneath our feet. 

Their multifaceted medicinal properties has led to their infusion in skincare and cosmetics. Mushrooms contain properties that lend themselves to being powerful active ingredients in skincare products.

One of our most beloved fungi is the snow fungus, or Tremella. This frondy, sea-creature looking mushroom possesses a multitude of beneficial properties that make our products naturally powerful.

Hydration – Tremella, or Snow Fungus, moisturizes your skin, drawing the moisture deep into your skin, helping the skin retain more moisture. Tremella is even more hydrating than hyaluronic acid, another natural substance we love and incorporate in our products.


Anti-aging – Snow fungus is also rich in collagen and induces collagen production. It acts as an anti-aging ingredient, encouraging natural collagen production, to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing.


Skin Brightening – Snow fungus halts melanin production, which causes freckles, scars, and uneven skin tones. 

Antioxidant - Snow mushrooms are high in antioxidant content, which can inhibit the enzymes responsible for collagen degradation. It can also aid in your body's skin repair process.

Anti-inflammatory - Inflammation in the skin, like inflammation in your body, can lead to problems. For your skin, that can manifest as problems including redness, puffiness, eczema and acne. Tremella mushrooms have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, lending itself to healthy, happy skin.

Antibacterial -  Snow mushrooms are high in antibacterial properties, and have been used for centuries to protect the skin from unfriendly bacteria.


Mother nature knows best. She is our Elder. She helps us Flower. 

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