The Practice | Sychronycity Of Skin

The Practice | Sychronycity Of Skin

Unearthing your best self is a practice. It is an essential process that is ever-evolving. We want to evolve with you. So, we’ve created a guide on how to practice steeping yourself in plant-based skincare and in the present moment to affirm and enhance your natural glow with Elder Flower.

While each of our products is powerful on its own, they work best in collaboration with one another on a weekly basis. What's more? All our products are pregnancy safe and made with new mommas and those with severe skin sensitivity in mind. 

Let your practice begin here. 

As many plants and mushrooms are nocturnal beings, emerging aglow from dusk to dawn, so does our functional beauty skincare routine begin at night—the most essential time for our bodies to detox,  recover and regenerate.

Use this practice as a guide for your self-care practice at home or on the road. Slow down, go inward, emerge a glow.

Step 1: UNEARTH Beautiful Skin with our UNEARTH Overnight Treatment & Intention Setting

The Unearth Mask should be used 2-3 times per week, as the final step in your nighttime routine. After cleansing your skin, smooth a thin layer of Unearth all over a clean face and let it set to dry. Use this time to open up a new practice; breathe deeply, set intentions for your next day, give thanks for one thing that happened today and unwind your adrenals to help you relax. Breathe in the refreshing, clarifying scent of the eucalyptus as the treatment takes gentle hold. Keep the treatment on overnight  - don’t worry, it won't get on your sheets - and wash off in the morning to unearth a beautifully glowing visage. 

STEP 2: Find Your Inner Glow With Our UNDERGLOW Hydrating Serum For Day & Night 

The Underglow Serum should be used daily (and nightly)—it is a core pillar of the Elder Flower skincare practice. Whether you’re readying your skin for the new day ahead, you’ve just washed off your Unearth Treatment, or your skin needs nourishment on a no-mask night, enrich your glow by applying a few drops of Underglow Serum. Follow with the Underglow Moisturizer for deep, enduring hydration.

STEP 3: Emerge Aglow With Our UNDERGLOW Hydrating Moisturizer For Day & Night 

The Underglow Moisturizer should be used daily (and nightly) in collaboration with the UNDERGLOW serum. Whether using it to lock in hydration first thing in the morning or to protect you overnight on a night when our UNEARTH treatment stays tucked away on the shelf, the Underglow Moisturizer provides deep, enduring hydration from dusk till dawn. It's especially potent when layered with our Underglow Serum for lasting luminance.

How to use each product:

UNEARTH Overnight Facial Treatment (night/overnight)

Apply a thin layer of the mask all over a clean face and let it set to dry (aprox 5 min). Keep on overnight and wash off in the morning to unearth beautiful skin. 

UNDERGLOW Serum (day + night)

For best results, apply to freshly cleaned skin in the AM/PM. Follow with the UNDERGLOW Moisturizer for deep, enduring hydration. 

UNDERGLOW Moisturizer (day + night)

Apply morning and night to a clean face on top of Safeguard Serum. Massage into skin for full, penetrating hydration. 


Arrive, Exist, Change. Our skin is always changing, and the bolster of gentle but powerful products preserves and enhances our natural glow.

Because you should feel like the force of nature you are.

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